Oahu diving spots in Hawaii review

Best Scuba Diving in Oahu – Exploring the Island’s Greatest Reefs

The earth is full of incredible destinations and beautiful sights that inspire awe and excitement from people worldwide, and while many destinations boast breathtaking scenery and incredible attractions, few live up to Hawaii’s sterling reputation. Hawaii is made up of hundreds of small islands in the North Pacific Ocean and is a state of the USA, it is also most well-known for being a paradisiac tropical getaway.


Diving spots in Oahu

Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands and is home to the capital city of Honolulu, millions of tourists visit these shores every year and enjoy the expansive white sandy beaches and curling waves of the shallow waters. As wonderful as a day at the beach can be, though, nothing beats exploring these clear waters through the lens of your mask. With a multitude of beautiful aquatic animals in addition to the warm water and the high visibility, it’s small wonder that scuba diving has grown to be one of the island’s most popular activities. The island is overflowing with spectacular reefs for you to discover, and sites that range across all levels of experience, so whether you’ve been diving for years, or you’ve never even pulled on a pair of flippers, Oahu is equipped to cater to your needs.


Hanauma Bay

Possibly one of the island’s most famous dive sites is Hanauma Bay,  with countless tropical fish so friendly that you’ll find them swimming right up to your mask. The great thing about this reef, in particular, is that it has varying stages of experience level required, for beginners the shallow waters of the bay allow them to practice in calm conditions while still viewing some truly spectacular sights. For the more experienced diver, the bay is also home to ‘The Slot’ which is a small passage through the reef that will lead you to the turbulent cove known as Witch’s Brew. Wreck of the Mahi is a dive site that offers the unique opportunity of viewing the remnants of an 185-foot minesweeper. This wreck comes alive as the abundance of sea creatures become almost immediately evident, with plenty of fish and sometimes even the magnificence of a green sea turtle gracing this site, you’re sure to have an unforgettable dive.


Kahuna Canyon

If you’re visiting between the summer months of May and October, then you will have the chance to visit Kahuna Canyon. This magical site allows you to descend into an underwater gorge where you will find a diverse range of marine life, including octopi, eels, lobster, unicorn tang and parrotfish to name but a few. As you slowly rise out of the canyon, you’ll even have the chance to see some sharks in the distance.


The waters of Oahu offer a plethora of vibrant tropical fish, majestic sea turtles and striking molluscs in the spectacular, colorful setting of the bountiful reef, full of coral swaying with the tides. A trip to the island of Oahu would be incomplete without treating yourself to a scuba diving experience, so pull on your goggles, pick up your tank and dive into the glistening waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

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