About Us

About Us…

Welcome to CC Dive!

We’re Charles and Chris, the brains and brawn behind CC Dive.  We grew in a small town on the east coast of Florida and boats have been our lives for as long as either of us can remember.  We crewed on them every summer for extra cash  as teenagers and as we got older we took out fishing tours.

One day a friend of ours took us diving for the first time.  How did we manage to grow up on the coast of Florida and never go diving before?  Our passion was born.  After falling in love with diving we combined our love of diving with our experience working on boats and CC Dive was born.  We have since taken clients diving all over the Coast of Florida and throughout the Caribbean.

Diving is our passion and our business, and here is where we get the chance to talk about it.  Join in the conversation by leaving a comment or two and if you have a question just get in touch.